Visit to the geothermal system of Bőny

On June 2, 2022, within the framework of the ‘Thermal waters and geothermal’ and ‘Applied geothermal’ courses, the staff of the Chair organized a geothermal trip to the geothermal system of Bőny, with a total of 24 participants. 

During the visit, Ágnes Pelczéder, an employee of PannErgy Plc., which established and operates the system, presented the steps of the establishment, the challenges of preliminary research and drilling the wells, as well as the elements of the system: production wells, heat exchangers, pumps and the heat utilization system. In this way, the participants were able to get to know the energy supply system that produces and injects energy from the carbonate reservoir, which provides 60% of the heat supply of Audi Hungara Plc., and also heats 24,000 apartments in Győr.