49th IAH Congress

The 49th annual conference of the International Association of Hydrogeologists was held online between September 19 and 22, 2022. This year, the main topic of the conference was Groundwater Sustainability & Poverty Reduction.

The oral presentations and posters were grouped around 16 main topics, which touched on the most important and current questions of hydrogeology. The József and Erzsébet the Hydrogeology Chair was represented by 7 of our colleagues in 4 separate sections.

Szilvia Szkolnikovics-Simon assistant professor gave a presentation on the connections between water-dependent ecosystems and water scarcity as an invited speaker. Ádám Zoltán Tóth assistant professor also gave a presentation in the section.

The topic of regional groundwater flow systems and transboundary aquifers section, led by Ádám Zoltán Tóth assistant professor, represented by Judit Mádl-Szőnyi associate professor, Brigitta Zentainé Czauner assistant professor and Petra Baják doctoral student.

Zsóka Szabó doctoral student presented her work in the section related to targeted underground water replenishment, while Trásy-Havril Timea research fellow in the section covering the global change and water cycle.

The participation on the conference was part of the RRF-2.3.1-21-2021 National Multidisciplinary Laboratory for Climate Change project.