Participation at the European Geothermal Congress

Ábel Markó, a third-year PhD student, participated and gave a presentation at the European Geothermal Congress held in Berlin in October.

The EGEC (European Geothermal Energy Council), which organized the conference, set the goal of stronger representation and advocacy of the geothermal sector during the “geothermal decade” (2020-2030). This would strengthen the use of geothermal energy for heating and cooling purposes, based on the fact that 50% of the energy currently consumed in Europe is used for heating and cooling purposes. The geothermal sector will propose a solution to the current energy crisis, as geothermal energy is available as a renewable and cost-effective energy source for both residential and industrial consumers.

At the conference, stakeholders of the geothermal sector from both academic and industrial organizations – with a total of more than 1,200 participants –  came to discuss the latest innovations, scientific and market developments and networking.

Ábel presented the results of his doctoral and Cooperative Doctoral Program research on the estimation of thermal water injection potential in the Zala region. In addition, he participated in a field excursion organized by the conference, where the installation of shallow geothermal solutions used in Berlin were presented.

The opening of the conference