Geothermal PhD Days in Glasgow – 2023

Third year PhD student Ábel Markó participated in the 2023 European Geothermal PhD Days in Glasgow, 4-6 April 2023. 

The ‘European Geothermal PhD Days’ is the most important conference for PhD students working in the field of geothermal energy exploration and utilization, where they present their current research topics every year.  

At the EGPD conference, Ábel presented the current results of his PhD and joint research with MOL in the framework of the Cooperative Doctoral Programme in the form of a presentation and poster. In this study he applied the next step of his workflow on predicting the injection related issues in a study area in Zala (SW Hungary), where he evaluated reservoir properties by evaluating datasets from the hydrocarbon industry, using 3D seismic interpretation. 

The conference provided an opportunity to share his research results with an international audience – while getting feedback from researchers working in the field. Both the keynote speakers and the participants presenting their current research broadened their professional knowledge. On the third day of the conference, PhD students participated in a workshop focusing on science communication. In addition, on the field day following the conference, participants were able to learn about the British Geological Survey’s ‘mine water geothermal’ pilot site, where water from depleted and groundwater-flooded coal mines is being harnessed using shallow geothermal heat-pumping methods.