Participation at the Energi Simulation Summit and School

Ábel Markó, a fourth-year PhD student, participated in the annual Energi Simulation Summit and the Energi Simulation School 2023 between 24-27 October 2023 in The Hague and in Delft.

Energi Simulation (founded in 1978) is a non-profit company that supports research and students through university scholarships in collaboration with universities, industrial and governmental stakeholders. Their annual meeting, the Energi Simulation Technical Summit and Annual General Meeting, focused on the carbon-neutral economy, including utilisation and exploration of geothermal energy, and included two days of training.

The conference part of the event featured presentations by chairs of the Energi Simulation Foundation, reporting on the work of their research group. In addition, the group’s PhD students presented their research. On this occasion, Ábel presented the current results of his CDP research in a poster entitled “Investigation of aquifer heterogeneity and its influence on reinjection efficiency“, which was also available for the virtual participants of the event in the form of an online presentation.

Ábel Markó next to his poster

The subsequent two-day training on underground energy sources, underground alternative uses, focused on innovative practices and concepts in the field of Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) and Underground Hydrogen Storage (UHS).

Group picture – the participant of the training course

These have provided insights into new scientific directions and research currently taking shape. As part of the Summit and training, it was also possible to network with members of the research teams involved in the programme.