III. Bálint Csatári Memorial Conference

The “III. Bálint Csatári Memorial Conference” was held on October 12, 2023, in Kecskemét. The event is named after the geographer Bálint Csatári, awarded university associate professor, former director of the Great Plains Science Institute of the MTA Regional Research Center. In 2021 the Danube-Tisza Sand Ridge Regional Development Council decided to organize an annual commemorative conference in honor of his work, the central theme is the ecological problems caused by water shortages and the sustainable farm world. In parallel, the “Bálint Csatári thesis and diploma project” was created for bachelor’s and master’s students, the purpose of which is to encourage and raise awareness of the importance of natural water retention solutions.

At this year’s conference, among other invitees, Professor Judit Mádl-Szőnyi also presented her presentation entitled “Groundwater and climate change”. In her presentation, she highlighted the importance of groundwater in relation to global climate change, and highlighted the possibility of storage in aquifers, from which water reserves can be extracted during prolonged drought. The lecturer covered the problem of desertification of the Duna-Tisza Sand Dunes, the effects of climate change on groundwater, and the service invention of the research group, the Nature Based MAR solution, which is considered an ELTE innovation.

The presented research results were realized within the framework of the Climate Change National Multidisciplinary Laboratory project number RRF-2.3.1-21-2022-00014.