The presentation of Judit Mádl-Szőnyi at the “Climate change, anxiety and skepticism. Facts and Misconceptions” conference

The Social Science Research Group of Pannon University Faculty of Modern Philology and Social Sciences organized a conference on “Climate change, anxiety and skepticism. Facts and misconceptions” between 11-12 November 2022 within the framework of the “National Multidisciplinary Laboratory for Climate Change”.

Investigations of the social, economic, environmental, and mental effects of climate change are among the priority research topics that are accompanied by great interest. At the same time, extreme weather events, heat or air pollution, in addition to endangering the living world, also affect the mental health and spiritual well-being of the human population. We also hear more and more often that as a result of environmental changes attributed to climate change, drastic changes in the current standard of living must be expected within a few years. Accepting the current situation and information about it as fact can cause frustration for humanity and lead to the development of climate anxiety.

The aim of the multidisciplinary conference was to provide a broad overview of the social, environmental and economic effects of climate change, as well as the possible psychological aspects of climate catastrophe.At the event, Judit Mádl-Szőnyi held a presentation entitled “Groundwater and climate change, anxiety or adaptation?“.