Visit at a geothermal drilling site

A group of students of Earth Sciences BSc, Environmental Sciences BSc and Geology MSc visited an ongoing geothermal drilling in Káposztásmegyer, near the Aquaworld Budapest, on 9 May 2023, organized by research associate Anita Erőss and doctoral student Ábel Markó.

With the help of the Rotaqua Ltd. staff, the students were able to get an insight into the drilling of the last few hundred metres of the planned 1700-metre drilling. In addition to the site and the drilling rig, they were able to see the continuously measured parameters in the drilling cabin and look at the cuttings in the microscope, which are used to determine the stratigraphy.

We would like to thank Tamás Csécsei, the manager of Rotaqua Ltd. for the opportunity!