Researchers’ Night 2023

Every year, the last Friday of September is traditionally dedicated to science, since it is the date of the Europe-wide public event Researchers’ Night. More than a thousand people visited ELTE Faculty of Science on 29th of September, where the József and Erzsébet Tóth Hydrogeology Chair together with the RRF National Laboratory for Climate Change 5A subproject and DUNAKÉKE Association offered a number of exciting programmes to introduce groundwater and modern hydrogeology to the public.

In the afternoon, two classes of primary school students took part in special geography lessons led by the researchers. They learned about water cycle and the importance of groundwater in the context of climate change and human activities. Throughout the evening, the public at our stand were given an insight into the hidden world of groundwater through the Model of invisible and visible water. They could also learn about the basic concept of groundwater flow and metrics used in hydrogeology through exciting experiments. Visitors interested in the practical side of research could try out the geophysical instruments. In the interactive fieldwork demonstration, they could also take samples from a well along the Danube and measure the composition of groundwater.

At the programmes of the Hydrogeology Chair, visitors were welcomed by Petra Baják, Anita Erőss, Katalin Hegedűs-Csondor, Teréz Kis-Csitári, Szilvia Szkolnikovics-Simon, Tamara Tóthi, Soma Oláh and Márk Szijártó.